Lee Coffey NUFC


Newcastle United Academy

I first began competitive football at aged 7 for my local football team. After a very productive introductory I was scouted for Newcastle United Academy and began training. It was during the first year at Newcastle I knew that this is something I wanted to pursue as a career.


Player of the season

Having early development at Newcastle United with the help of professional coaches, I managed to receive the player of the season award for my contributions for Tyneside Juniors (club team) in the 11/12 season with a total of 30 goals in 28 games. We finished 3rd that season in Division 1 (North East).


Finding a key position

It was during these years where I developed into an attacking winger/midfielder. Having natural pace and agility with the ball my coaches from Newcastle and Tyneside taught me the key responsibilities and duties for the role of an attacking winger. 


Middlesborough FC (trialist)

Things really start to pick up during early 2012 when Tyneside juniors were promoted to the top tier in the North East Russel Foster League (Premier League). Scouts from all across the UK were common and in mid-season, after thrashing the league leaders 5-3 (while scoring a brace) I was invited to Rockliffe Park for a trial for Middlesbrough FC.


Successful trial 

After a successful game against local rivals Carlisle I was invited a day later for a meeting with the club. We signed the paperwork and I was ready to start. Over the next few months, I played consistently as an inverted winger scoring almost every other game. 


Learning curve

After almost 6 months at Middlesborough FC, the burden of making the 70-mile round trip was taking it's toll economically (due to still living in Newcastle). In the end, it became unsustainable and there was a mutual decision to part ways. I was left to the opportunities back home and I intended to make the most of it.



High school regional championships

In my high school career with SSCS (South Shields Community School), we managed to finish the season unbeaten in the league and booked ourselves in the regional tournament in the South Tyneside Cup. We made headlines in the North East of England when we won the cup in intense fashion securing a 3-2 victory. I managed to contribute a vital goal and assist in the final for the first silverware in the high-school history.


AC Milan Academy Course

After the 2014/15 season my coach at the time referred myself and another player to an event held at Sunderland AFC's academy being held from ex players and coaches from AC Milan. 5 players from the event would later be flown to Italy to participate in a tournament against other nations. After months of hard work I managed to make the plane for the tournament in late 2015 all expenses and travel paid.


Italy International Tournament

In late 2015 I was flown over to Italy with 4 other players from Sunderland and made the squad for the England contingent from the Milan tournament. We had games against Columbia, Singapore, and the United States. Being one of 30 English players I only managed one full game against the Columbia contingent where we won the semi-final 1-0, I scored the only goal with a right-footed long-distance volley.


The United States route

Having come so far in the game after having a handful of opportunities. I decided to research into the United States and the programmes offered. The college system in the US with the academic and professional opportunities intrigued me and I began looking for a company to make it a reality. 



World's leading scholarship service

After a healthy early career I decided that going down the scholarship route was the best for my future aims and goals. I enlisted for a trial for SRUSA in Leeds and was signed as a client. It was here I learned about soccer in the US and the potential it can have for the future.


Preparation for US move

Having seen the standard of US soccer, (especially the physical side) I focused on becoming more athletic and stronger in preparation for my move to the United States. I have made substantial progress and have increased my weight from 110lbs to just over 150lbs, with added muscle and endurance.     


NJCAA D1 Regional Champions

After weighing up all my options I decided to start my athletic college career with current NJCAA Division 1 Regional Champions Arizona Western. I traveled to Yuma for pre-season and got to work straight away. A couple weeks later due to food poisoning and the extreme 115-degree heat, I missed key sessions and lost crucial momentum, I made a decision to return back to the UK.


Coaching Badges

From 2019 onwards I focused heavily on attaining as many as the English FA football qualifications as possible. I made substantial progress, often at times travelling around the country to speed up the process and finished 2019 with a Level 2 in Football Coaching (UEFA C license), a Level 2 in Goalkeeper Coaching (UEFA C license), Level 2 in Talent Identification, Level 3 in First Aid amongst other qualifications. I hope to further achieve a UEFA B license in 2020 and beyond in both Goalkeeper Coaching and Coaching.


In progress

Student Athlete for Sussex Community College in New Jersey.