A levels pre-requisite to university

I know that A levels aren't needed for the US education route, but I decided to take them as a challenge, and it would only add to my CV in the future. After two years at Newcastle Sixth Form I managed to achieve "AAC". This was enough to qualify for some highly prestigious universities in the UK, after reviewing my options the US was still the better option for my future prospects, especially a high NCAA / NJCAA college with a great soccer programme.

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Scholastic Aptitude Test

Booking the test during exam season was always going to be a tough challenge especially since it would be the first SAT. After preparing and running mock tests I found myself often running out of time quite often during the test. I managed to score 960 and was left discouraged as I know I was capable of scoring much higher. The essay was a success with 7/8, 5/7, 6/8 respectively. I am currently awaiting my results for the second SAT test that will be available in late November.


Grade point average

In high school I undertook 6 GCSE's and scored "ABBBBC". In the UK we don't measure by GPA but after converting the grades online I found the score to be 3.4 when converted. Below are the grades with their institutional fields. Overall I am very happy with the results from high school as it helps in the process of receiving a good scholarship in the US with a high GPA.

Results A
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Results B
Results C